Impact of construction stages on Indoor Air Quality

Since the turn of the century, alarming data produced by the Indoor Air Quality Observatory (OQAI) have led to changes in French legislation, including, most notably, the introduction of compulsory labelling for construction products (decree no. 2011-321 of 23 March 2011).

Measurement of Emission to Air of VOCs and SVOCs: a pre-requisite for Exposure Risk Assessment of Products to be used in Indoor Environments

Exposure risk assessment of any possible release of chemicals from manufactured products, and their possible impact on health and environment is now an important requirement by the European Commission. Environmental exposure assessment should form an integral part of the risk assessment of a biocidal product, including wood preservatives and the active ingredients. Preferably, representative data from well-designed field studies should form the basis of the exposure risk assessment.

Emission classification and labels

A number of emission classification systems changed the test method and/or the classification values, like DIBT, EMICODE, and GuT. New classifications were born, e.g. Natureplus. Harmonisation of the testing protocols showed some progress. But there is also a trend to define limits for SVOC and for single substances. Not all of these parameters can be monitored with sufficient reliability. Identification of complex mixtures is done in a very different manner from lab to lab. This applies especially to terpenes and hydrocarbon mixtures.