Thermal performance of a low cost sustainable wall construction system.

Loose-fill pumice, fly ash, and sawdust have been used to construct insulated walls for retrofit or new construction of small residential buildings. Pumice in sandbags was demonstrated as exterior insulation for an existing adobe house in New Mexico. Such houses are rarely insulated because of the cost and difficulty of providing exterior insulation. Prototype stand-alone walls were also constructed using fly ash and sawdust blown into continuous polypropylene tubing, folded as it is filled to form the shape of the wall. Other materials could also be used.

Achieving sustainable construction in affordable housing.

An energy-efficient design and construction checklist and information sheets 011 energy-efficient design and construction are two products being developed. These products will help affordable housing providers take the first steps toward a whole-house approach to the design and implementation of energy-efficient construction practices. The checklist presents simple and clear guidance on energy improvements that can be readily addressed now by most affordable housing providers.

BREEAM 98 for offices.


Green engineering.


Eliminating waste - towards a sustainable future.


Designs on learning.


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