Solar Greenhouse and natural ventilation

The paper presents a study on the thermal behavior of a solar greenhouse set against one apartment of a residential eco-sustainable building in a temperate climate. Particular attention was given to the analysis of the contribution of solar radiation in winter heating in relation to natural ventilation. This study makes use of a transient energy simulation system named ESP-r (Environmentals System Performance - research).

Exploitation of solar greenhouse in ventilation system of building

The paper deals with on-site measurements of energy benefits resulting from exploitation of a solar greenhouse, which was created in the attic under the southward-oriented glazed roof for pre-heating of the ventilating air.This conception of the solar energy utilisation is used in the residential complex of the senior citizen home in Svitavy, 60 km north of Brno. Based on the data collected with the use of an automation monitoring system during the heating season 2001-2002, the main characteristics of the investigated solar greenhouse operation were established.

Designing and building a solar sunspace greenhouse.