Airflow Patterns through Single Hinged and Sliding Doors in Hospital Isolation Rooms

Door operation and the subsequent passage of occupants through the doorway can cause containment failures in hospital isolation rooms. Typically hinged doors are used between the isolation room and anteroom/corridor in healthcare facilities. However, sliding doors can reduce door induced airflows through the doorway and hence effectively reduce the contaminant outflow during the door operation.

Experimental Investigation on the Flow Characteristics of an Exhaust Hood Assisted by a Jet

An air curtain generated by a jet is used to enhance an exhaust hood’s capture ability in many research studies on local ventilation systems. This paper focuses on experimental methods to investigate the flow characteristics formed by an exhaust hood associated with a jet. The basic flow characteristics of this kind of exhaust hood are obtained by smoke visualization as a jet forms an air curtain, and the flow field is a combination of three parts: the jet flow region, the exhaust flow region and the vortex flow region.