"SOLVENT": development of a reversible solar screen glazing system

Preliminary experiments with a novel glazing system developed at the Desert Architecture and Urban Planning Unit of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev indicated that it may provide improved visual and thermal performance in buildings with large glazed areas located in sunny regions (hot and cold). In winter, it allows solar space heating but reduces glare, local over-heating and damage to furnishings caused by exposure to direct solar radiation.

Energy efficient windows. A key to energy performance.

A table is given which compares the performance, construction and function of the various types of window treatment. Aspects covered include sun control, thermal insulation, infiltration barrier, security and privacy, control by static, movab

Examination of the heat and air permeability of windows Untersuchung uber die Luft-und warme-durchlassigkeit von Fenstern

A study made to confirm the values given in german standard DIN 4701. considers theoretical natures of air permeability and the k-value as they concern windows. Finds that infiltration through windows without weather-stripping depends to such an extent on the quality of manufacture and fitting that essential differences between single-glazed, double-glazed and double windows scarcely exist. Finds no real difference between woodenand metal frames when new, but after normal wear and tear an average value of 3m(3)/h for each metre of gap at 1mm pressure difference is acceptable.