The Use of Solar Energy in Desiccant Wheels Systems in Cuba

In Cuba the climate is tropical, with average solar radiation of 5.5 kW-h/m2and an annual average temperature of 25 °C. The relative humidity is high all of the time, with an annual average between 75 % and 85%. Because of this it is very interesting to t

Simulation study on an air flow window system with an integrated roll screen.

A numerical calculation procedure for an air flow window (AFW) system integrated with a roll screen is presented. Both beat and air flows within the window elements such as the outside pane of glass the outside air space, a venetian blind, the inside air space and a roll screen, are taken into account by considering the thermal and air flow networks. Agreements between measured and calculated results of temperatures and pressure differences through a series of experiments carried out in an environmental test chamber were observed.