Air flow simulations in a place dedicated to meditation. The Cistercian Cloister.

Confronting the high density of town planning, architects and towr1 planners are led to design mall outdoor places which are inserted into the city but offer specified properties: serenity, calmness, unusual surrounding ... Within the framework of the CERMA laboratory, we are looking for reference architectural examples likely to meet such needs and transposable into a contemporary architectural project.

Air conditioning and noise control using vegetation.

The constructive uses of vegetation in building engineering services are acoustic quieting, air molecular and particulate filtration, water filtration and chemical polishing, shading from solar gain, cooling and humidification. A water conservation regime should form part of the integrated solution.

Bioclimatic house for Tenerife - "Ventilation wall".

The moonlike landscape and the heat of the site suggested us the creation of an oasis open to the northern cool breaths from the Northeast and to close our house toward the sun and torrid winds from the South. That's how the idea of a curved wall embracing the house and a patio was born, recalling ancient stone protections for vineyards. · We transformed the stone wall into a complex element, forming a natural air-conditioning chamber which works as a breeze catcher and due to the design of it's different elements, regulates the interior climate of the house.

Courtenay place wind environment.