Performance of self-cleaning cool cementitious surface

A strategy to reduce global warming is to increase the reflectance and thermal emittance of the built environment (Akbari, Menon, e Rosenfeld 2008). The urban heat islands usually increase the temperature by more than 10ºC (Santamouris et al. 2001).  A cool roof can reduce the temperature up to 3.3ºC (Synnefa, Santamouris, e Akbari 2007) and improve indoor thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Development of self-cleaning top-coat for cool roof

Our recent study has shown that the acrylic silicon polymer is useful to formulate self-cleaning topcoat which may maintain the thermal insulation effect of cool roof effectively. 
A 2K self-cleaning topcoat was formulated with a water-borne type acrylic silicon polymer. Its effect to maintain high solar reflectance was confirmed by outdoor exposure test in comparison with coatings having no self-cleaning function. The solar reflectance performance was well maintained regardless of installation angle, lightness of colour or pigment type.