An investigation of wind forces on three dimensional roughness elements in a simulated atmospheric boundary layer.< Part 1. Flow over isolated roughness elements and the influence of upstream fetch.

Briefly surveys past work on wind tunnel measurements on the surface pressures on low rise buildings. Describes experimental investigation of the surface pressures on an isolated model. Discusses results of flow around a model of varying height and aspect ratio, and the influence of upstream fetch on surface pressures. Gives figures showing recorded pressure coefficients and details of pressure tappings on the various models.

On simulating the atmospheric boundary layer in wind tunnels

Contains two papers reprinted from the Jnl. of Ind. Aerodynamics:-< 1) Wind-tunnel simulation of the adiabatic atmospheric boundary layer by roughess, barrier and mixing-device methods.< Discusses the philosophy of roughness, barrier and mixing-device simulation methods. Illustrates methods by measurements of simulations in the B.R.E.boundary layer wind tunnel.