Energy study of a habitation using a solar thermal and photovoltaic installation

The integration of renewable energies in the dwellings is a solution to diminish their energy consumption. It also could represent important money savings for the owner, if the design and the control of the devices are correctly set up. Numerical simulation environments are powerful tools, which help to develop such design and ontrol procedure. The software TRNsys 16 was used to study the entire energy consumption during seven months of the model of a dwelling using thermal collectors and photovoltaic panels.

Renewable Energies in Energy Performance: Calculation for Buildings

This paper discusses the status of standards and regulations concerning performance calculationmethods for renewable energies systems in the built environment. The outcome of a European wideinquiry on this topic, carried out in the frame of the European project on Energy Performance Regulations (EnPeR) will be presented. In addition an overview is given of the renewable energiessystems that are considered under these regulations and the consequences of the new EnergyPerformance Directive.