Radiant ceiling heating and local thermal discomfort

In the introduction of the paper are reasons presented, which cause local thermal discomfort. Currently the reasons of asymmetric thermal radiation are not clearly explained. Therefore I oriented my experimetal laboratory measurements, which were carried out in a special microclimatic laboratory on radiant ceiling heating. A special laboratory model of heating of interior was created. The measurements were performed with the help of a thermal mannequin that was used to measure the asymmetric radiation (that is asymmetry of perceived temperature).

Analysis method of thermal and lighting environments and its application to the evaluation of office lighting

A method for analyzing the thermal and lighting radiations in offices building has been developed. It enables the simulation of complicated lighting environments composed of a combination of artificial lighting and solar radiation, in ventilated and air conditioned offices.

Operative temperature measured by ellipsoid-shaped sensor

Operative temperature which takes in account air temperature and radiation is of great importance when one defines human comfort.This paper gives information about definition, calculation and measurement of operative temperature.

Numerical calculation of view factors and radiant temperature for complex room geometry

This method enables the determination of the influence of heating source characteristics on mean radiant temperature for composite room surfaces, as well as on thermal comfort and discomfort. A maximal possible thermal comfort area can be achieved with the determination of the best interactive influence between the building structure and its heating system.

Moisture and radiant barriers - good news?