Quality standards of the Belgian Association for Airtightness Testing

Purpose of the work

To guarantee the reliability of airtightness measurements.

Content of the contribution

In response to the questions of the three regional governments that had found quality deficiencies with regard to airtightness tests, the Belgian professional association has developed a control software and has organized the certification of airtightness testers.

Quality framework for residential ventilation systems in Flemish Region in Belgium – feedback after three years’ experience

A ventilation performance report is mandatory for every new residential building in Flanders, for building permits issued since January, 1st 2016. This means that the features of the ventilation system as installed in the dwelling must be reported and that, in the EPB-report of the dwelling, these data must be used to justify the energy performance of the ventilation system. 

To enhance the properly functioning of the ventilation systems, a ventilation preliminary design has to be made before the physical building process is started. 

Quality framework for airtightness testing in the Flemish Region of Belgium – feedback after three years of experience

Since January 1st, 2018, airtightness testing has become implicitly mandatory for every new residential building in Flanders. There is no minimum requirement for airtightness. However, there is one for the global performance of the building envelope (S-level, taking into account thermal insulation, airtightness, solar gains, etc.), and a poor airtightness would jeopardize the chance to reach the required S-level.