Probabilistic modelling of wind induced air exchange in buildings

The work presented is the continuation of the research on the probabilistic modelling of air infiltration carried out by the author over many years. The approach has consisted in considering uncertainties coupled to the climatic/environmental input data to the physical models, or to the threshold criteria for a good performance. The concept of risk/reliability evaluation of building/environment system performance was proposed and exemplified for the air exchange model.  

Development of a Unique Thermal and Indoor Air Quality Probabilistic Modelling Tool for Assessing the Impact of Lowering Building Ventilation Rates

Adequate ventilation is necessary to maintain thermal comfort and remove indoor air pollutant concentrations (Crump et al., 2005). Indoor pollutant concentrations vary considerably depending on occupants’ behaviour patterns, building characteristics and meteorological parameters and seasonal effects. Experimental measurements are time consuming and expensive to carry out, while computational models are regarded as a valid complement.