Model Home 2020 – full-year measurements of daylight, energy and indoor climate in five single-family houses occupied by typical families: what has been learned

This paper describes Post Occupancy Evaluation survey and physical measurements of five families living for one year or longer in five houses located in Germany, Austria, France and UK, all part of the Model Home 2020 project. The houses are built according to Active House principles and focus on high performance on indoor environmental quality, energy performance and environmental impact. The survey is carried out seasonally during the test year when the family lives in the house to capture seasonal variations. Physical measurements were made in all main rooms of the houses.

Self-evaluated thermal comfort compared to measured temperatures during summer in three active houses where ventilative cooling is applied

The thermal comfort of the residential buildings Sunlighthouse in Austria and LichtAktiv Haus in Germany are investigated with a particular focus on the summer situation and the role of solar shading and natural ventilation. The houses have generous daylight conditions, and are designed to be CO2 neutral with a good indoor environment. The thermal environment is evaluated according to the Active House specification (based on the adaptive method of EN 15251), and it is found that the houses achieve category 1 for the summer situation.