The Egyptian community in its path for rapid development is endeavouring to make all necessary andappropriate measures to enhance the efficiency of energy utilization and increase the beneficiation ofthe energy resources. Throughout the Nation, Energy resources are widely used and consumptionrates are in general exceeding the International accepted values. The use and application of new andrenewable energy sources can be harnessed to design, construct and operate a solar building ofmoderate size for desert applications.

UK Climate change programme and domestic sector end-use efficiency

Information in the UK Climate Change Programme suggests that carbon savings in the domestic sector from end-use efficiency improvements could amount to some 4.7MtC/yr in 2010, based on allowances for improvements to the building regulations, residential energy efficiency improvements and appliance standards and labelling. This paper discusses detailed scenarios that have been developed using the BREHOMES model of the energy use of the housing stock to study the implications of this level of saving.