Modularizing and Validating CFD Parts of Four-way Cassette Type Outlets

In this paper, we created the CFD parts of four-way cassette type outlets for predicting easily the thermal environment of an office with packaged unit air-conditioning systems. At first we measured detail distributions of wind velocity around the cassette type outlets in two cases of angles of flap in an experiment room with particle image velocimetry (PIV).

PIV Study of Ventilation Quality in Certain Occupied Regions of a Two-Dimensional Room Model with Rapidly Varying Flow Rates

The use of supply jet flows is the most common type of air distribution for general ventilation. Usually the supply flow rate is constant or slowly varying (VAV-systems) to cope with a varying load. A novel air distribution method, with the potential to reduce stagnation and to increase the ventilation efficiency, is to introduce rapid flow variations (pulsations). This paper reports on a fundamental study of this type of air distribution.

Experimental Investigation of Air Distribution in the Occupied Zones of an Air Curtain Ventilated Enclosure

This paper focuses on the performance of a new air curtain ventilation system. Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is used to visualize and investigate the airflow characteristic of an air curtain in an enclosure and the airflow pattern and temperature fields are measured and analyzed in detail. The air supply velocity and the slot inlet location were varied during the experimental process. The current results show that with the increase of air supply velocity the cooling effect in the occupied zone is further strengthened.