The effect of adjustable cooling jet on thermal comfort and perception in warm office environment – a laboratory study

The aim was to study how the cooling jet from the ceiling, with individual control over the airflow, is perceived and how it affects the thermal comfort in warm office environment. 32 undergraduate university students participated in the experiment. Two thermal conditions were tested: (1) no cooling jet and (2) adjustable cooling jet from the ceiling. Subjects were able to use a controller with seven different settings to adjust the airflow coming from the nozzles so that the target velocity varied from 0.3 m/s to 1.5 m/s. The cooling jet was directed into the upper body.

Perception of a cooling jet from ceiling - a laboratory study

The effect of a cooling jet from ceiling on thermal comfort, perception and subjective performance in warm office environment (29.5 °C) was studied. Altogether, 29 participants (13 male and 16 female) participated. All participants were tested in both thermal conditions and the order of the thermal conditions was counterbalanced between the participants. During the experiment, participants filled questionnaires and performed computerised tasks. Using the cooling jet significantly improved the whole body and local thermal comfort.