Natural ventilation and the role of passive stack chimneys in traditional excavated and surface dwellings in Santorini.

This paper considers the role of passive stack chimneys in controlling indoor thermalconditions in the vernmlar houses on the volcanic island of Santorini . The quality of theenvironment within these dwellings is disputable, mainly because of the high humidity levels.A monitoring study was carried out in four actual dwellings in Santorini, two built on thesurface and two excavated into the soft volcanic rock. The temperature and relative humidztyof their main space and their chimneys were monitored and compared to the simultaneousexternal conditions.

IEA Annex 27: comparison of performances of different ventilation systems in similar dwellings.

The main goal of IEA Annex 27 "Evaluation of ventilation systems" is to develop tools toevaluate ventilation systems in an objective way in terms of indoor air quality, energy,comfort, noise, life cycle costs, reliability and other building related parameters.To check the developed tools some measurements in real dwellings are necessary. Thedevelopment of the tools is in its final stage. During the AIVC conference some of these toolswill be presented. The indoor air quality tool is not yet ready.