Cleanliness of air filters in the experimental passive house

An inherent element of the passive house is the system of exhaust ventilation in air supply. According to their class, air filters used in ventilation systems stop the contamination, but may also be the main source of secondary indoor contamination during long-term use.

Heating "passive house" offices in cold climate using only the ventilation system – comparison of two ventilation strategies

In this article we compare to ventilation strategies to heat a “passive house” office building using only the ventilation system. Two ventilation strategies with supply air temperature above and below the current room temperature were compared through a cross over experiment. A questionnaire was used to measure the perceived health and well being. Both strategies documented very good indoor climate with highly positive scores on the questionnaire.

Optimizing the operation of earth-to-air heat exchangers in high-performance ventilation systems for low-energy buildings – a case study

Earth-to-air heat exchangers are energy-efficient systems that use the ground for cooling in summer and heating in winter. Design, simulation and planning tools are available in the market, and earth-to-air heat exchangers are well-accepted in the built environment. Furthermore, there is a wide knowledge on their performance in operation. Based on long experiences in the design and operation of earth-to-air heat exchangers, pre-defined operation strategies are applied in ventilation concepts.

A Study of Design principle and Technology performance applied in Passive House

Recently, the role of the architecture which is corresponding to climate change and saving energy has been important. This study drew factors about design principle, technology performance on passive house, focusing on apartment and multi-family house cases in Europe. The dwelling type of Korea and climate, however, are different from the European styles, and therefore it is necessary to develop energy efficient design, technology and details that is applicable to Korea's apartment.