The extent of exposure and health effects of household coal burning in urban residential areas in South Africa.

Household coal burning is one of the major sources of total suspended particulate matter (TSP) in African urban residential areas in South Africa. The coal stoves used are usually poorly vented or unvented, consequently resulting in high levels of indoor air pollution. The effects of household fuels used in two Townships in the Vaal Triangle (central South Africa) on the health of 8-12 year old children living in these households, were investigated.

Deposition and Resuspension of Particles: Which Parameters are Important?

A new experimental set-up to investigate the physical process of dust deposition and resuspension on and from surfaces is introduced. Dust deposition can reduce the airborne dust concentration considerably. As a basis for developing methods to eliminate dust related problems in rooms, there is a need for better understanding of the mechanism of dust deposition and resuspension.