Volatile organic compounds measured at a telephone switching center from 5/30/85 - 12/6/88: a detailed case study.

States that failures in electronic equipment can be caused by volatile organic compounds. Detailed observations from a three year study of VOCs at a telephone switching office in Neenah, Wisconsin, USA are presented and data are included on matched indoor and outdoor VOC measurements, and corresponding data on HVAC fan operation and ventilation rates. The small number of occupants in the office enabled the study to assess factors influencing VOC levels without complications of human behaviour.

Health Canada compares occupants' health in new R-2000 and conventional houses.

Much has been said recently about healthy home environments. For many years anecdotal evidence has been collected about the improved health that residents in R-2000 homes have experienced. CW/Chas been promoting healthy home environment ideas through their Healthy House initiative. But is there scientific evidence behind claims that R-2000 homes are healthier for their occupants?