Building and ductwork airtightness in the Netherlands: national trends and requirements

(numbered VIP 45.XX), detailing for both building and ductwork airtightness:

  • the national requirements and drivers (regulations, incentives, justifications and sanctions)
  • whether it is taken into account in the energy performance calculations and how;
  • the test protocol (testers qualifications, national guidelines, requirements on measuring devices);
  • the tests already performed and whether there is a results database;
  • key documents.

This presentation focuses on the airtightness trends in the Netherlands.

Thermal comfort, IAQ and Energy use in Bedrooms

The research question of this report is “Is it possible to save energy by lowering the bedroom temperatures in winter”. In this paper first the literature on optimum sleeping temperatures is investigated. Then bedroom temperatures and CO2 levels in a cold week in March 2018 are investigated in 16 bedrooms of students of the Master course Technoledge Climate Desing in 2017-2018 of the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the Delft University of Technology. This study shows that it must be possible to save energy by lowering the bedroom temperature in winter.