Relevance of CO2 based IAQ Indicators: Lessons from a Long-term Monitoring of two Nearly Zero Energy Houses

France is committed to minimizing its greenhouse gas emissions by focusing on the most energy-consuming sector, the residential and tertiary building sector. The renovation of existing buildings and the construction of energy efficient ones are therefore proposed as a possible solution. However, the concept of efficiency is ambiguous and difficult to measure and compare without common parameters and indicators. Indeed, a performance indicator is a decision support tool that describe the specific situation of something based on certain parameters.

Overheating reduction in a house with balanced ventilation and postcooling

The outdoor climate is changing and the airtightness and insulation levels of residential buildings are improving. During the warmer season this can lead to overheating problems, especially when the house is situated in urban areas. In order to reduce overheating problems, ventilative cooling can be used to keep the indoor conditions at a comfortable level. Natural ventilation is not always a feasible solution, for the risk of burglary, and when the outdoor temperatures are not suitable for cooling the house, for instance in urban heat islands.