Geo-climatic applicability of evaporative and ventilative cooling in China

The paper aims to evaluate the geo-climatic applicability of two different passive cooling strategies: the passive evaporative cooling (PEC) and the natural ventilative cooling (NVC) in China. The two cooling techniques are analysed following a climate-related approach considering a ‘virtual Space’. NVC potential is assessed by analysing the typical meteorological year related to a set of 105 locations representing different typical Chinese climate conditions. A parametric approach is used in order to virtualise the geo-climatic potential of this cooling technique.

Will naturally ventilated dwellings still be safe under heatwaves?

Heatwaves are often responsible for many deaths due to high temperature indoors. Energy savings is a key element in building design and refurbishment works to reduce the impact of climate change. Natural ventilation is often promoted as an indoor space cooling solution thanks to its energy saving potential.
The paper deals with prediction of heat-related health risks situations in naturally ventilated dwellings.