Applicability of air supply type airflow window system applied to double-pane window

It still remains heat loss and high risk of moisture condensation occurrence at glass of window because they have relatively poor insulating qualities and usually contribute the greatest heat loss by heat conduction in residential buildings. Although many attractive window systems are proposed to reduce heat loss such as double and triple glazing, low emissivity film coated glazing, argon gas injected glazing, vacuum insulated glazing, double-pane and triple-pane window etc., it has also demerits such as high initial cost and indoor air quality problem.

The applicability of glazing system with dynamic insulation for residential buildings

It is essential to reduce the inordinate amount of energy used for climate control in buildings. To reduce heat loss in residential buildings, it is necessary to insulate building envelopes more airtight. Many air tightness and insulation methods have been proposed and successfully applied to the building envelope, including areas such as walls, windows and the others. However, if it concentrates only air tightness and insulation to save energy consumption in the buildings, that’ll make a problem to maintain indoor air quality within acceptable levels, such as sick building syndrome.