Flow simulation for design of ventilation systems in animal houses

house is a dominant factor for animal welfare. There are threshold values or recommendations for the most important climate parameters. Temperature, humidity, CO2 and NH3 gas concentrations, germs, dust, odour and air flow velocity have to be observed. Unfortunately the necessary ventilation of livestock buildings leads to emissions, too. So an important aim is to develop ventilation systems that produce: 

On prediction of the mold fungus formation probability on critical building components in residential dwellings

In buildings, favorable growing conditions for mold fungi can occur and cause fungusinfestation. The danger for the occupants of dwellings lies in the spreading of pathogensthrough microorganisms. Mold fungi can occur not only on the surface of external walls, butalso inside construction parts. A prerequisite for preventing mold fungus is the knowledge ofthe transient building physical boundary conditions under which fungus growth takes place.The decisive parameters of influence like temperature, humidity and substrate have to beavailable over a certain period of time simultaneously.