Developing assumptions of metabolic rate estimation for primary school children in the calculation of the Fanger PMV model

Metabolic heat production is one of the key parameters in maintaining the body’s heat balance with the environment. Levels of accuracy and methods for estimation of metabolic rate for various activities are given in most of the commonly used standards, and estimated metabolic rates for an average adult are tabulated to be used where direct measurement is not practical. However, determination of metabolic rate is expected to be different in a younger population compared with that of adults.

Integrated human-clothing system model for estimating the effect of walking on clothing insulation

A heat and mass transfer model of a walking clothed human has been developed in that study. That model predicts the transient thermal responses of the human and clothing giving temperatures, and latent heat losses. A mathematical model was developed for the simulation of the dynamic thermal behavior of clothing and its interaction with the system of human thermoregulation under walking conditions.