A comparison between the step-up, step down and pulse injection techniques for the measurements of the mean age of air.

A comparison of three injection manners, step-up, step-down and pulse, for determination of the mean age of air was made by using nitrous oxide and sulphur hexafluoride as tracer gases. The concentrations of nitrous oxide and sulfur hexafluoride were simultaneously measured with a dual-channel IR-analyzer. Tests were carried out in a test chamber with air change rates of 3 h-1 and 5 h-1. The tracer gases were injected under three conditions: into the inlet air and directly into the room with and without extra mixing fans.

Air leakage measurement in dwellings.


A portable unit for measuring ventilation efficiency

A computerised portable unit for measuring the ventilation efficiency by the tracer gas technique is described. The hardware of the unit is designed from readily available equipment. The software of the unit is menu-driven to be operated by computer non-experts. The software include several analytical models of ventilation processes and in the present study, age analysis and the air exchange efficiency are discussed.