Flow conditions in a mechanically ventilated room with a convective heat source.

The ventilation of a test room (LxWxH = 5.4x3.6x2.4 m) with a wall mounted heat source is investigated for two different air terminal devices. The properties of each air terminal device are described by measuring the velocity decay of the primary wall jet below the ceiling. The velocity distribution in the plume above the heat source has been measured at different heat loads as a function of the distance to the wall and the distance to the heat source.

The modelling of stairwell flows

This paper extends an earlier investigation of scale effects on buoyancy driven recirculating flows in stairwells of the kind adopted in domestic accommodation. Further consideration is given to the role of Reynolds number, which proves to have unexpected features, possibly because stairwell flows fall into the range of incipient instability. A technique is developed to introduce explicitly the fraction defining the way in which the energy loss from the system is divided between the regions above and below the stairway.