Calculation model for airtightness and natural ventilation of buildings. Rakennusten tiiviyden ja ilmanvaihdon laskentamalli.

A multi-cell calculation model was developed for calculation of the interconnections between airtightness, air change rates, pressure conditions and energy consumption. The flow equation used in the model is quadratic, which can be used as well for a single leakage path as for a whole building envelope. For energy calculation the area of wind directions is divided into12 sectors (each 30 degrees) plus one sector for calm wind conditions. The mean values of wind speed and outside temperature applied to each wind sector are calculated from weather data of several years period.

Thermal effect on pressure distribution in simulated high-rise buildings: experiment and analysis.

A study has been made, both experimentally and analytically, of the characteristics of thermal performance of high-rise buildings using an idealized model building with a number of openings at various locations and temperature distributions. The building was assumed to have no internal partitions. The effect of the factors affecting the location of the neutral pressure level was of particular interest.