Market assessment of passive downdraught evaporative cooling in non-domestic buildings in southern europe.

This paper describes current work to undertake a market assessment of the potential for the application of Passive Downdraft Evaporative Cooling (PDEC) to new and existing buildings in Southern Europe. The work is carried out as part of a European funded ALTENER project focussing on solar and passive ventilation for urban buildings. PDEC is a technique that may potentially become a substitute for conventional air-conditioning. The technique avoids the need for ductwork, fans and suspended ceilings, and reduces the need for refrigerant based cooling.

Market analysis of sensors for the use in demand controlled ventilating systems.

In the framework of a project of the International Energy Agency (IEA) , IEA-Annex XVIII - Demand Controlled Ventilating (DCV) Systems, which started in fall 1987, a review of the state of the art of already existing DCV systems and devices has been undertaken by all participating countries. This paper is concerned with air quality sensors which may be suitable to control air quality on demand. The dominant contaminants are not only variing in different kinds of buildings (dwellings, schools, stores etc.) but also from room to room due to different ways of utilizing the spaces.

A growth area in insulation products.

Describes a survey of standard homes built between 1907 and 1973, not fitted with double glazing, to assess potential draught gaps, and of consumer attitudes to insulating products particularly draught excluders.

There will soon be 50,000 FTX systems in single-family houses in Sweden. Snart 50,000 FTX system i Svenska smahus.

A market review of inlet/exhaust ventilation with heat recovery in single family houses. Traces recent developments in new house production. Tabulates review on several criteria including manufacturer, type, flow rate, frost protection, position of heat exchanger, type approval. Review covers over 40,000 units installed.