High accuracy manometer for insitu measurements

Our commitment to improve both air quality and energy savings in existing dwellings involves scopemeasurements campaigns. Constraints linked to the use of measurements material in these conditions, the keeping of their reliability all project long and their costs prompted industry to develop special devices for this kind of application. It is the case of this high accuracy manometer required for the wide demonstration project called HR-VENT (Nangis- France).

Survey of micromanometers.

Surveys instrumentation for measuring pressures from about 0.001 to 50mm. of mercury (0.13 to 6650 N/sq.m.) described in publications during the years 1960-1968. U-tube micromanometers and diaphragm - capacitance gages are treated in considerable detail. Also describes gas column manometers; elastic element micromanometer with optical, inductance, resistance wire, strain gage, and vacuum tube transducers; piston gages; vane gages and centrifugal micromanometers. Discusses measurement of dynamic pressure, atmospheric pressure oscillations, low vapour pressure, and calibration techniques.

Instrumentation for Full-scale Wind Load measurement on glasshouses.

Describes apparatus used to measure full-scale wind loads on a glasshouse. Wind pressure was sensed by a Dines anemometer and the variation in wind velocity with height by a small pressure tube anemometer. Wind loads on the glasshouse were sensed by pressure tapping points connected in sequence to micromanometers. Describes apparatus for the recording and analysis of data. States apparatus has been used for two years and found to be reliable in operation.