Design and operational strategies for good Indoor Air Quality in low-energy dwellings: performance evaluation of two apartment blocks in East London, UK

To achieve stringent energy objectives, new dwellings are subject to energy conservation measures including low air permeability and high levels of insulation. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) can be used to control the balance between energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in these buildings. This paper evaluates the effectiveness of the design and operational strategies adopted in a new development comprising two apartment blocks in East London.

Lessons learned from design and operation of ventilation systems in low-energy dwellings in the UK

This presentation will cover the key lessons learned from post-occupancy evaluation of the ventilation strategies in several new-build dwellings in the UK. Two ventilation strategies often used for new dwellings in the UK are mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) and whole-house balanced mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR). Few examples of the design and operation of these systems will be presented identifying the best practice and improvement opportunities for mechanical ventilation systems that are increasingly used in airtight low-energy dwellings.