Implementation and performance of ventilation systems: first review of voluntary certification controls in france

A voluntary certification for very low energy buildings has been implemented in 2013 in France, which requires among other the ventilation systems to be controlled by an independent technician. To ensure the expertise of these technicians, a certification scheme has been implemented for the airtightness measurement of ductwork. This certification will soon be required for the ventilation system controls.

A statistical method to improve the energy efficiency of an office building

There is an increasing demand for energy efficient and environment-friendly buildings with a high  thermal comfort. On the other hand, the Kyoto protocol binds the developed countries to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases at least by 5% by 2008-2012.

ECBCS Annex 47: Cost-Effective Commissioning Research

In 2005, the Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems (ECBCS) program approved the start of a new four-year research project on building commissioning. Annex 47, on “Cost-Effecti

The European low-energy forum 1994.


Defying all skeptics, Steve Lentz's homes work great.


Indirect evaporative cooling of low energy building.

With the growth of living standards, there is an increasing demand for the cooling of living space. Rational energy use demands the use of alternative ways of cooling because the energy consumption of compressor cooling is high. In this article a new cheap and efficient paperboard compact heat exchanger and indirect evaporative cooling are presented.