Environmental impact and life cycle assessment of heating systems

During the design process of heating systems, the designer must analyse various factors in order to determine the best design options. Therefore, the environmental aspects of a product should be included in the analysis and selection of design options if an environmentally - aware design is to be produced. If one wishes to assess a products environmental impact, its whole life cycle must be studied. The Life Cycle Assessment (or LCA) methodology is an example of one kind of environmental analysis which included the entire life-cycle of a product. However, this method has some limitations.

Guidelines for performance based innovative mechanical ventilation systems.

The development of guidelines for performance based innovative mechanical ventilationsystems in residential and commercial buildings is included in the European Commissionproject TIPVENT Towards Improved Performances of Mechanical Ventilation Systems.The overall aim of TIPVENT is to promote improved performances of mechanical ventilationsystems and the introduction and implementation of innovative designs. The development ofperformance oriented procedures for designing, commissioning and maintaining mechanicalventilation systems plays a key role in the project.