Simulation of diffusers in scale model experiments of airflow distribution in ventilated rooms.

Scale model experiments make it possible to analyse design concepts of ventilation, especially air distribution in large enclosures. The airflow structure similarity is fulfilled when experiment is carried out according to the principles of the approximate scale modelling. Special attention should also be paid to proper simulation of boundary and initial conditions. In a real ventilated object, the air is supplied with standard diffusers equipped with deflecting vanes.

Evaluation of air terminal units test methods: influence of inlet parameters on performance.

This study focuses on the way to apply CEN test methods to a full range of air diffusers and is dedicated to the improvement of these methods proposed by the CEN TC l 56/WG4 of which both authors are members. Air terminals of different sizes have been tested on aerodynamic and acoustic aspects both in a Spanish and a French laboratory. The tests were made according to pr EN 12238 ''Air Terminal devices - Aerodynamic testing and rating for mixed flow applications" and to EN 25135 (ISO 5135).