Displacement flow air supply through a raised floor covered by carpet - possible mistakes by wrong design and installation

Large spaces with high thermal loads and high air flow rates air conditioned by displacement flowsometimes require air supply through the raised floor. One favoured solution is to cover the perforated floor by an air permeable carpet. Successful solutions of this type of air outlets exist in many buildings in Germany since many years and work successfully. But design and installation require some knowledge which partly may have been lost in recent years. In newer buildings many difficulties appeared.

Implementation of a ventilation system with clean installation method

It is showed that side grinder produce significantly metal sheet dust onto the inner surfaces ofventilation ducts. New, cleaner installation method was developed in which shears are used asinstallation tools. The aim of this study was to carry out ventilation system installations atthree building sites with clean installation method and to collect information about operatingcharacteristics of the shears by interviewing assembly workers.The results of dust measurements showed that the average amount of dust on the inner surfacesof supply air ducts was very low in all three buildings.

Natural ventilation for dwellings - A practical guideLa ventilation naturelle des habitations

This guide of 60 pages is written in French. It provides practical guidance to joiners for the installation of natural ventilation systems in dwellings. Firstly it explains in a few words the reasons for ventilating. Then it gives information about the requirements of the Belgian standard NBN D 50-001 "Ventilation systems for housings". The third part of the document deals with the material and its installation. This guide is intended to support the vocational training of young people. It is therefore written in a simple style and well illustrated.

A source book on good practices for design, installation, and maintenance of insulated roof systems. IEA Annex 19 Low-slope roof systems.

The annex was formed to address energy issues related to low slope roof systems. The first task undertaken was the development of a sourcebook on good practices for design, installation and maintenance of insulated roof systems. The intent of the sourcebook is to provide a discussion of both real and perceived correlations between roof systems and to present information on recent roofing issues that have insulation implications. Annex members have identified and reviewed a list of 25 potential correlations between roof problems and insulation.