Feedback on installation, maintenance, and aging of mechanical humidity-controlled ventilation exhaust units

With 35 years of existence and more than 10 million equipped dwellings, mechanical humidity-based demand-controlled ventilation (RH-DCV) can provide a comprehensive feedback on installation, aging, and maintenance of its components. Their working principle is based on the extensions and retractions of a hygroscopic fabric, which pulls on a shutter to modify the device’s cross-section – hence the airflow – upon humidity changes in their environment. 

Hands-on training courses for ventilation system installers within the Praxibat initiative

This paper gives a quick overview of the PRAXIBAT programme led by the French Agency for Energy and Environment to improve building professionals skills to achieve low- or nearly zero-energy buildings. It looks more specifically at the initiatives targeted at ventilation systems installers, with practice-oriented trainings in quasi-real conditions.

Cheating - the insulation industry's dirty secret.

Maior problems exist with the way some attic insulations are manufactured, labeled, and installed. An experienced insulation contractor, diagnostic technician, and building science educator sizes up the ongoing problem of cheating and offers specific recommendations to prevent it.