Evaluation of ventilation performance and compliance with Belgian covid-19 guidelines in sport infrastructure

During the corona-19 pandemic waves in 2020 and 2021, many cultural and recreational activities inside buildings could no longer take place to prevent virus transmission. In order to allow cultural and recreational sectors to reopen in a safe way by the summer of 2021, a ventilation task force of the corona commissioner's office of the Belgian federal government prepared recommendations for the practical implementation and monitoring of indoor air quality in the context of COVID-19.

Inspection of ventilation systems – summary of existing protocols and technical survey

In a context of energy use reduction, low energy buildings are becoming more widespread. This kind of construction requires a good envelop airtightness to prevent uncontrolled leakages of conditioned air leading to energy losses. As a result, more and more ventilation systems are installed to ensure a sufficient air change rate for a good indoor air quality. 

30 November 2021 [10:30-12:00CET] – Upcoming Webinar "Inspection of ventilation systems in new regulations in European countries"

The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre and TightVent Europe are organizing the webinar "Inspection of ventilation systems in new regulations in European countries" to be held on November 30th, 2021 at 10:30-12:00 CET. The objective of this webinar is to present new regulation requirements in Ireland, Germany and France.

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Inspection of ventilation systems outside Europe


Applications of the Promevent protocol for ventilation systems inspection in French regulation and certification programs

In France, the new Promevent protocol for ventilation system inspection in new dwellings has been published in 2017. It proposes a complete method for checks and measurements in order to uniform and improve the quality of inspection performed by measurers. The Promevent protocol proposes a methodology for pre-check, functional checks, functional measurements at air terminal devices and ductwork airtightness measurement. It also includes requirements for sampling and gives guidelines for the report.

Inspecting ventilation systems.

Cleaning HVAC ductwork.

Inspection techniques.