Duct cleaning - a literature survey.

An effort has been made to gather the information available about duct cleaning. The emphasis in the survey was on the hygienic aspect of the cleaning of supply air ducts. Most of the literature deals with cleaning of exhaust ducts. Guidelines for the cleanness of ductsurfaces have been given by some organizations, but the scientific basis for such guidelines needs more research.

Ventilation system hygiene - a review

Requirements for adequate and user-acceptable ventilation installations in dwellings.

After years of intensive studies on indoor air pollution sources, pollution levels, condensation effects, building airtightness, and air change rates, we are now at the point to discover that no solution whatsoever to the ventilation problem is possible if compatibility with user comfort and user habits are not properly taken into account. User compatibility of aventilation strategy under todays conditions in dwellings must in fact be understood as a requirement equivalent to the purely functional ones of pollutant removal and of economy.