Analysis of the Effects of Ventilation Method on Indoor Humidity Distribution and Condensation by CFD method

People spend 70% -90% of their time indoors. Indoor air quality and human body’s health have a close relationship. With the advance of society, user comfort requirements for thermal environment are rising. Humidity is an important parameter for evaluating indoor air quality, which not only affects the thermal comfort of the human body but also seriously restricts the function of the building. In winter, the indoor humidity is dry. When using humidifier, the humidity around the humidifier is higher, but there is still a dry area in the room.

Microbial growth control in spray humidifiers of health facilities.

Describes a study carried out to investigate the possibility of suppressing microbial contamination of circulating water in humidifiers by using the oligodynamic potential of silver ions. Puts forward basic hygienic requirement to ensure adequate quality of water in humidifiers of air conditioning plant.

Efficient humidification in buildings.


The sick building syndrome: where are we in 1992?