Ventilating healthy low-energy buildings (Book of Proceedings)

The Proceedings of the 38th AIVC Conference "Ventilating healthy low-energy buildings", held in Nottingham, UK, 13-14 September 2017.

A Quality Assurance System for Indoor Environment and Energy Use

To achieve the intended results of building, managing and using a property requires knowledge,continuity and communication, which can be assured by a dynamic and flexible quality assurance(QA) system. Such a system, intended to ensure high-quality indoor environmental conditions, hasbeen developed and successfully applied over the last ten years. However, although clients have beenvery satisfied with the QA system and its results, the pressure for energy efficiency improvement hasincreased.

Demand controlled ventilation in a low-energy house

In low energy dwellings the ventilation heat losses are significant. Reduction of these heat losses can be achieved by introducing demand controlled ventilation i.e. ventilation rates are set below normal level when rooms are no longer occupied. This paper outlines preliminary results on energy conservation and health effects in relation to demand controlled ventilation in a low-energy house.