Envelope leakiness of large, naturally ventilated buildings.

Whole-building pressurisation tests can quantify the air-leakiness of a building's external envelope. The resulting information can be used in assessing the quality of the building fabric. At present there is little information regarding the leakage characteristics of large, non-domestic UK buldings. As a step towards providing more information, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) has developed and constructed a multifan pressurisation system known as BREFAN to pressurise large buildings like offices and hangars.

Measurements of infiltration and air movement in five large single-cell buildings.

A six channel, computer controlled, tracer gas detection system for the measurement of infiltration rates and air movement in large single-cell industrial buildings has been designed, constructed and calibrated. This has been used for over 50 sets of tracer decay measurements in five single-cell buildings ranging in size from 4000 to 31000 m³, The buildings included a sports hall, a vehicle maintenance depot, two factory workshops and an aircraft hanger. Infiltration rates and interzonal flows were derived from the tracer decay curves using methods based on multizone theory.

Evaluation of a simple technique for measuring infiltration rates in large and multicelled buildings using a single tracer gas.

Large, multicelled, and naturally ventilated buildings pose many inherent difficulties for the measurement of overall infiltration rates using tracer gases. 

Natural ventilation and the P.S.A. estate.

Gives results of a statistical survey of energy consumption in British government buildings. Suggests one reason for high consumption may be excessive ventilation. Reports field trial of the effect of reducing natural ventilation in a London office building. Window frames were sealed with a rubber mastic, giving an annual fuel saving of 22%. Finds measure was highly cost effective with a payback period of less than three years.< Discusses problem of heat loss through large doors in hangars and workshops.