Energy Usage and Thermal Environment in a Low-Energy Building

An energy simulation program, ESP-r, was used for simulation of the energy requirements and indoor climate in a well-insulated terraced house in Sweden. A parameter study was performed to investigate the influence of different control schemes on energy requirement. The influence on both energy requirement and indoor climate were analysed for two different measures. Changed placement of the air temperature sensor in the heating system decreases the energy demand without deteriorating of the indoor climate.

In search of Eden.

The Eden project consists of two massive 'biomes' situated at the bottom of a former clay pit in Cornwall, UK. They mimic a 'humid-tropic' and a 'warm-temperate' environment and each houses a wealth of plant life. The aim is to let plants grow naturally in a climate designed to mirror nature as closely as possible. A Horticultural Management System monitors temperature conditions and there is a separate humidity control system. There are 24 Moducel air handling units in the humid tropics biome.