The iowa radon lung cancer study: contemporary and historical airborne radon (222rn) and radon progeny concentration

The use of contemporary radon (222Rn) gas concentrations to estimate retrospective radon-relateddoses can introduce substantial uncertainties in epidemiological analyses. These uncertainties tend tobias the results of radon-lung cancer epidemiologic studies towards the null. Temporal variability ofradon progeny over past decades and the variability in the dose effectiveness of airborne radonprogeny caused by indoor atmospheric differences are among the main sources of uncertainties in ourregion.

Chromatic and luminous characterization of glazing planes: Critical analysis of international standards

In modern architecture glazed units have become a component whose diversified and complex functions shall often satisfy conflicting needs. The glazed element must be capable to modulate and control the radiant and luminous flux incoming into a room improving the quality of vision and living suitability. The task of this study is to highlight the limits of standards in evaluating glazing units, pointing the attention on the luminous and colorimetric parameters and their influence on people satisfaction and comfort.

Superinsulated glass house.