Monitoring results and optimization of a façade integrated ventilation concept for building retrofit

An office building of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy systems (Fraunhofer ISE) in Freiburg was retrofitted in 2012 with an innovative concept based on technology integration in the façade. Prefabricated window modules integrating air inlets and outlets, façade integrated air ducts and a heat and moisture recovery ventilation device were implemented. A long term monitoring was set up including energy, temperature, CO2 and humidity measurements.

Integration of Active Solar Thermal Collectors with Coloured Absorbers in Façades

Even if the quality and durability of active solar systems equipments are henceforth ensured, there arestill some considerable barriers to the development of their market, in particular their architectural andtechnical integration to the buildings. Our research aims at studying, designing and realizing astructural component of building ensuring in a permanent and integrated way the set of functionsnormally provided by elements of faade and by thermal liquid-cooled collectors. The product isintended to be distributed and implemented by building professionals.