Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Airflow and Climate in a Real Operating Theatre under Effective Use Conditions

In the present study microclimate and airflow patterns in a real operating theatre (OT) under effective use conditions are investigated. Surgical staff movements and sliding door opening/closing effects on the air thermal distribution and velocity fields are considered. Experimental measurements and numerical simulations are carried out for the “at rest” and “operational” conditions of the OT. Two “operational” use conditions are considered: “correct” and “incorrect” during a simulated hip surgery.

Estudio experimental de las condiciones del confort termico

La percepción del ambiente térmico no depende únicamente de los parámetros ambientales, sino que es un fenómeno que incluye muchos más factores del entorno interior y exterior, del sujeto que percibe estos parámetros. Incluso habría que considerar factore

Effect of window bay on the downdraught from a well insulated window.

As the climate in the Nordic countries is cold for several months a year, windows are crucial parts of building envelopes. The current trend to reduce the heat losses by building- components has resulted in many modifications of the design work of windows in order to improve the thermal performance and the indoor climate. The improvements of window constructions have resulted in a higher surface temperature on the inner pane and considerably lower downdraught, which in turn has created an opportunity to introduce unconventional design of the heating and ventilation systems.