Fans for central exhaust ventilation systems.


Humidity controlled exhaust fan in a natural ventilated single family house.

A humidity controlled exhaust fan have been tested during the winter season 1991/2. The test have been carried out in a detached one storey house with a flat roof. The relative humidity (RH) have been measured in the following modes: * natural ventilation only* wall mounted fan, setpoint 70% RH, and natural ventilation * fan in the exhaust duct, setpoint 70% RH.The relative humidity levels have been monitored in the shower room and in the other part of the dwelling. The temperatures have been measured in the exhaust duct and in four places in the dwelling.

Code de calcul Multigaine.


Assessing intake contamination from atmospheric dispersion of building exhaust.

The possibility of unacceptable internal air pollution levels can cause concern at the design stage given the potential for cross contamination between building exhausts and ventilation intakes is there. The complexity of airflows around buildings, however, makes it extremely difficult to predict the contamination levels at the intake locations. This paper reports a wind tunnel technique using a model of a proposed building to determine the pollutant levels expected at various inlet locations due to the re-ingestion of noxious emissions from its two stacks.