Accuracy Improvement for Estimating Indoor Carbon Dioxide Concentration Produced by Occupants

Carbon dioxide included in exhaled breath is often used as a tracer gas when estimation of ventilation aspect in buildings with occupants is performed. Indoor carbon dioxide concentration is also adopted evaluation of ventilation commonly. It is needed for these investigations to grasp occupants’ carbon dioxide production rate accurately. 

Simulation study on estimation method for flow rate in air-conditioning system with water thermal energy storage

It is difficult to investigate the performance of airconditioning systems with thermal energy storage tanks because flow rate in the system is unmeasured in almost all systems. The aim of this research is to estimate the flow rate of such air-conditioning systems using temperature data in tanks which is easy to measure. In this paper, the effects of heat gain through the tank wall, the time interval of data and the number of temperature measuring points in tank on the accuracy of flow rate estimation are studied using generated temperature data by simulation.