Dual stage simulations to study the microclimatic effects of trees on thermal comfort in a residential building, Cairo, Egypt

This paper describes an outdoor-indoor thermal investigation of a multifamily residential building during summer in Cairo, Egypt. Initially, microclimate meteorological data was generated for an urban settlement with and without trees being incorporated in to the development.  The software ENVI-met was used for this first stage. Two kinds of tree planting (15m high Ficus Elastica and 20m Yellow Poinciana) were simulated, together with the existing scenario that has no trees.

Changes of the micro-climate and building cooling load due to the green effect of a restored stream in Seoul, Korea

Cities all over the world have been warming up in the summer over the years. Seoul, Korea, is also an example of how a city was transformed into an urban heat island. Green areas produce social, economical and environmental benefits in highly populated urban areas. This study is to investigate the micro-climate changes and urban-scale cooling load reduction by the recently restored Cheonggye stream, also known as Cheonggyecheon, in Seoul, Korea.